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                       Why hire a realtor to market your property?

               The answer is simple!

Because that is not the only thing a listing agent does. We are not paid by the number of web sites we place a house on or the number of directional arrows and Open House signs we own. ;-) Internet marketing and data entry in the MLS is only a small part of what we do. We are paid for guiding the seller through the entire selling process - properly helping the seller prepare and "stage" the house for the market; advising on the proper pricing to attract the most buyers; spearheading the marketing and promotion...not only to potential buyers, but to all the other agents in the MLS to get them to show our seller's house over all the other choices; getting feedback for the seller during the time on the market to determine if adjustments need to be made; being in the seller's corner at any and all contract negotiations to make sure that the offer that is accepted or countered beat represents the seller's needs and desires in the in the transactions; monitoring the 40 or more people (inspectors, appraisers, loan officer, underwriting staff, title company staff, etc.) who just got hired once a contract gets insure everything is going smoothly all the way to closing. This is the real job description of a listing agent!

Isn't it really true that the buyer pays the brokerage fee in the sale that the seller gets it in one hand so he can pay it out in the other? The seller needs to think more like a "wholesaler" who wants a certain net and then builds in all of the marketing expenses (including the brokerage fee) into the "retail" price... really no different than any item found at your neighborhood grocery store. The grocer, after computing all of those expenses to arrive at a retail price, now just needs to make sure his price is competitive or people will stop shopping at his store.  

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